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TOUR - Upolu Cay Travel in style (without the crowds !) on our newly refurbished luxury cruiser. Cruise from Cairns to Stunning Upolu Cay � Relax and unwind in the azure crystal clear waters surrounding the Cay. Over 2 hours to experience this beautiful site . Have a leisurely scrumptious lunch ( includes seafood) while we cruise to the Outer Edge of Upolu Reef.
Experience our Adventure Drift Snorkel Tour and Glass bottom boat tour (included in the price !) with our marine naturalist. Be blown away by the abundance of sea-life on our protected sites. Dive with our highly trained dive instructors. For first time divers we offer an extremely high ratio of instructor to diver 1:2 ( most boats offer 1:4) and for our cert divers a free guide ensuring you get the most out of your dives !

Sailing, snorkelling and diving day trips to the Great Barrier Reef. Whether you are snorkeller, an experienced or first time diver...
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The Great Barrier Reef is important on a global scale for its natural, unique beauty and economic values. The Great Barrier Reef was written into the World Heritage List in 1981 and the Area was given the highest recognition for its universal value. Outstandingly it is the largest world Heritage site on earth. This unique tropical marine ecosystem attracts visitors from all over the globe. There are plenty of cruise operators and wonderful dive/snorkel tours from cairns.  

Cruises & scuba diving tours from the Cairns coastline and outer edge ribbon reefs which may be up to 25 kilometres long. This is the outer limits of the continental shoreline of prehistoric times.