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'The Wet Tropics Rain Forest can be explored from the floor to the canopy. It boasts a numerous amount of gorges, waterfalls, mountains and vast array  of  some of the rarest species of flora and fauna in the world.

The Wet Tropics was listed with World Heritage in 1988. The area extends along the North Coast of Qld starting from the north of Townsville to the south of Port Douglas with in reach from Cairns
More than 894,000ha with the main allotment of rainforest in northern Queensland covering 3 three major regions: The tablelands in The Great Divide, to the borders of The Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Site and the intermediate Great Escarpment. The Altitude from sea level and hinder reaches 1622m to include Mt Bartle Frere, the highest mountain in Northern Australia. From Cairns there is multitude of ways to see the rainforest. You can self drive or take a guided safari tour, a spectacular ride in the Skyrail cable cars or perhaps your the thrill seeking kind.  If you miss the animals of the rainforest visit a wildlife park and if you want to take to the skies, book yourself with one of the local air charter companies for a package that suits you.

The Wet Tropics Rainforest

Road Access – 600km (372miles}
Scenic Routes - 40
Scenic Spots – Over 100

Highest peaks -,Bartle Frere and Bellenden Ker

Australia's longest single drop waterfall - Wallaman 
Falls–305 metres (1000foot)
The Aboriginal people  welcome your visit and ask
you to respect the land and culture.
When you enter the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area you will be visiting places that have great cultural meaning to Aboriginal people that has carried on for thousands of years.
Many of the tracks and roads leading into the area are traditional walking tracks of Aboriginal People.
Know The Animals
Species - Saltwater Crocodile  Crocodylus porosus
Also known as the Indo-Pacific crocodile. Will attack humans.
The saltwater crocodile can be found in the northern parts of Australia and in Asia.  They can swim hundreds of  kilometres. This is why they are  found in the warmer climates of Asia and Australia.
Species - Casuarius casuarius 
Stay well clear of this animal.  The Cassowary can be a very dangerous bird.
Cassowaries can be found in the far North Queensland rainforest region. Clearing of tropical rainforests have divided the Southern Cassowary population into several small fragile remnants. They are now a protected species. It is believed that there are only 1500 remaining.

Feral Pigs
Species -  Sus scrofa

They can weigh up to 130kg (over 600 pounds) and have  8cm (3 inch) tusks. and can reach up to speeds of 40 km/hr (25 mph) in a short distance. If you encounter one, don't aggravate it.  If it charges do not run, try to get behind a tree.
Taipan, King Brown and Rough Scale, are among some of the most venomous, but in most cases, if you leave them alone they will choose to move away quickly as possible.
Other annoying creatures
Scrub Mites, Ticks, Spiders, Leeches, Bull Ants, Mosquitoes, Scorpions, centipedes, Ticks.
Stinging trees
Species Gympie-gympie
Grows on the edges of tracks and clearings. It has fine, poisonous hairs on its heart-shaped leaves and even when lightly brushed these hairs penetrate the skin. The sting is excruciatingly painful and can cause illness and even hospitalisation.